a-z archive: y! challenge (yearning)

Tuesday, June 19: This week’s topic for our A-Z ARCHIVE Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “Y”: introduce one photo of your own archive with an “Y” keyword for example YELLOW or YEMEN, YOGA or YAK, YARRA River or Yunnan village, YAWN or YACHTING, Yogjakarta or YING YANG, Yosemite or YOUTH, Yucatan or YAMAHA etc.

This photo represents yearning to me, the man yearning for money and possibly some peace of mind, the snake yearning for the music, hypnotized by some unknown dream.  I took this photo in Rishikesh, India ~ considered by many to be yoga heaven.

in Rishikesh, India

in Rishikesh, India

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2 thoughts on “a-z archive: y! challenge (yearning)

  1. “man yearning for money and possibly some peace of mind, the snake yearning for the music, hypnotized by some unknown dream…” (not dream, hypnotized by the movements of the instrument, I’ve heard)
    my cat comes to listen when I’m playing guitar – that’s a surprising break because she usually is yearning to kill some mice – or rest on our warm oven to sleep …

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